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Sport for Kids Timmins is an incorporated organization that is a registered Charity for children’s poverty in Timmins holding the charitable # 824143721 RR0001.

The Sports for Kids Timmins mandate is to focus on creating conditions that enable and support children and youth to participate in sports, recreation and physical activities. This includes eliminating a range of barriers so kids can engage in play, and thus receive all the benefits associated with constructive sport and recreation opportunities.

Sports for Kids Timmins believes that because sport, recreation and physical activity provide documented substantive social, educational and health benefits, they must be accessible to all kids, and that no child/youth should be denied the tremendous associated benefits.

Our mission is to help the youth of Timmins, 18 years of age and under to overcome social and economic barriers, which have prevented or limited their participation in sport, recreation and physical activity, through a number of strategies such as issuing direct financial subsidies/grants covering the cost of registration fees and the purchase of equipment. Our mission is to assist in funding Kidsport Timmins applicants.


Our community is one in which sport,  recreation and physical activities are accessible to everyone; involvement is highly valued, sport achievement at all levels is celebrated;  and  no child/youth is denied the benefits and opportunities of participation in the activities and programs of his or her choice. Every young person who has a desire to participate is included.


  Raising funds, gathering resources and building program partners

  Developing Sports for Kids Timmins with a strong sustainable organizational structure

  Partnering with corporate, charitable and community-based organizations and programs

  Identifying and alleviating social and economic barriers in order to positively impact a child/youth’s participation in sport, recreation and physical activities

  Being a strong voice and advocate for sport and recreation in our community

  Promoting the benefits of physical activity and healthy living.

  Raise funds to sponsor child applicants to Kidsport Timmins.

2015 ByLaws Sports for Kids Timmins

2015 Board sports for Kids

Kidsport Timmins Board of Directors 2015

KidSport™ Timmins  268-1112
396 Theriault Blvd, Timmins, Ontario P4N5B6
Mailing address:P.O.Box 732, Timmins Ontario  P4N 7G2
E-mail: kidsporttimmins@gmail.com   www.kidsporttimmins.com



contact number


Landers, Colleen
388 Ross Avenue EastTimmins, ON   P4N 5X3 (H) 267-3048
(F) 266-9136 (C) 266-3201
MacDonald, Anne
Vice President
Clausi, Louis
Vaillancourt, Greg
Ciccone, Hector
Columbus, Louise
Gadoury, Laurier
Fudali, Chris
Lionello, Mark
Loreto, Dan
Murray, Kristin
Howson, Wendy
Office Coordinator
Mario Bertotti
Honorary Member
Jerry Corriveau
Honorary Member


Kidsport Timmins Backgrounder

Kidsport  is a children’s charitable program which helps disadvantaged kids overcome social and economical barriers preventing or limiting their participation in organized sport, through the issuance of registration fees and/or equipment grants.

The Vision Kidsport Timmins believes that sport should be accessible, and that no child should be denied the benefits and opportunities of participation in sport.

The Volunteers The Kidsport Timmins Board of Directors is comprised of the following members, please see the board of

Demonstrated Need Kidsport Timmins is one of many strategies that have resulted from the Timmins Youth Needs Assessment and Strategy Development Project (TYNA). The study, conducted in 1998, gathered both information from over 1700 Timmins youth (grades 7-13) in the form of questionnaires and focus groups. Significantly, both junior (36%) and senior (41%) youth identified high costs as the second most common barrier preventing them from participation in leisure activities. What’s more is that both the intermediate and high school focus groups, comprised of over 125 youth, listed fitness and recreation as the first and second priority respectively to be addressed within the Timmins community.

Kidsport Timmins was officially launched on June 7th, 2002. Kidsport Timmins is the legacy of the 2002 Air Canada Cup Regional Championships Host Committee.Since our launch we have assisted over 1940 kids with registration fees as well as equipment costs to provide more then 3127 sport/dance opportunities.

Contact Us Should you have any questions about Kidsport Timmins, you would like to make a donation or an application for a child/youth in need of assistance to play sports, simply call (705) 268-1112.

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Kidsport Timmins Fact Sheet

Fact: Kidsport Timmins was launched on June 7th, 2002

Fact: In 2000 the Sport Alliance adopted the KidSport program making Ontario the 10th Provincial/Territorial chapter of the National KidSport Fund.

Fact: Kidsport Timmins has the distinction of being the first chapter to open in the province of Ontario!!

Fact: The first grant to be issued in Timmins was to a 6-year-old baseball player on July 8th, 2002

Fact: Kidsport Timmins is part of a provincial and national network of over 100 chapters.

Fact: Hometown hockey star Steve Sullivan of the Nashville Predators is a strong supporter and honorary board member of Kidsport Timmins

Fact: With support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation Kidsport Timmins was able to hire a coordinator and open in an office location!

Fact: Kidsport Timmins is not only for hockey – it’s for ALL SPORTS!!

Fact: A minimum of 95% of all funds raised by Kidsport Timmins goes directly to a child/youth to enable them to play sports

Fact: Kidsport Timmins issued 50 new sets of hockey equipment through the NHLPA’s Goals & Dreams Fund at an estimated value of $30,000!!


Timmins is proud to be the first KidSport Chapter in Ontario

Kidsport Timmins is the legacy of the 2002 Air Canada Regional Hockey Championship–here the host committee presents a cheque for $65,000 to launch the program

Thank You to Canadian Tire Dwayne Ouellette for his continued support and partnership