New! –KidSport Timmins applications for the 2017 year will be accepted from Nov 15/2016 to Sept 15th 2017.

All those who have previously applied must reapply for the full 2017 year.

Application must be received 2 weeks prior to the sport/dance registration or not accepted.


2017 Applications: You will need your 2016 notice of assessment, pay stubs for month proceeding.

Applications for fall and winter sports must apply by Sept 15th 2017.   

Parents of applicants must ensure they register their child with the sports organization on their registration dates as no spots are held for KIDSPORT applicants. Call the organization for registration dates.

When you apply to KIDSPORT registration of the child and use of the vouchers before the expiry date is the parent responsibility.  Also notifying us that you have not used the voucher is the parent responsibility.

New 2017 application double click here:

  • 2017-kidsport-application-docx-1
  • Remember that when you apply it must be for all sports for the entire year 2017 as only one application is accepted each year per child and it cannot be changed after acceptance and vouchers printed. You must apply for all children from the household at one time.

  • Remember that if you do not provide the following your application will be returned by mail:

1) Child is between 3 an 18 years of age.

2) One application completed for each child for no more then 2 sports or 2 vouchers. Cannot change vouchers or add additional sports after  the initial application.

3) Sports requested section completed and registration fee and equipment listed with cost. Remember maximum is $350.00 per child. Total cost cannot exceed $350.00 per child if fund available.

4) Notice of assessment for all adults living in the household for 2016 notice of assessment with all applications submitted Apr 1st to Oct 5th 2017.

5) Recent pay stub or social assistance or disability cheque for two weeks within the last month

6) If a student proof of enrolment such a student card.

7) Do not bring or mail unless all the above is enclosed. Applications must come from Timmins area not outside Timmins.

8) Equipment: We can grant a voucher for equipment which can be redeemed from O’REILLY Sports at 708 Algonquin Blvd. East and must be purchased 2 weeks before the expiry date on voucher.

9) When applying for sports if one sport is $350.00 then only one voucher will be provided rather then 2 vouchers and partial payment to the sport requiring $350.00



Gross Household Income

1 child

2 children

3 children

4 or more children





To be included for each adult in the home.

1)     Government documentation: Notice of assessment (income tax)

2)     Current proof of income: Paystubs, statement of assistance or proof of enrolled student for all adults for the month prior to application.

Changes to  vouchers re sport/dance or amounts will not be accepted after application is adjudicated and you cannot reapply for another child in the same year after your first application.


  •   Total request per child is in 2 activities or 2 vouchers up to a maximum $350.00 if funds available.  

  •   All required equipment must be available at Walmart.

  •  All activities must be applied for at one time.

  •   Unused vouchers must be returned to the office. 

  •   If a child stops attending a sponsored sport KidSport must be notified immediately so we can obtain a refund. 

  •   Vouchers cannot be used for private or semiprivate lessons, travel, insurance fees, organizational fees or costumes. 

  •   Parents must be available for follow up call or reapplication not approved.

  •  Maximum funding per family is $1200.00

  •  Ages 3 – 18 years

Drop mail box in Sportsplex Lower Foyer outside the Sports for Kids/Kidsport office.

Vouchers must be picked up from office or drop box within 24 hours of the call they are ready. Emailing of vouchers will be provided.

Kidsport Timmins office hours at the SportsPlex Building at  396 Theriault Blvd Timmins are Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00am to 2:00 pm. Applications will be taken each of these days from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. It is best to call before coming. You must bring your notice of assessment 2016 and paystubs for the past month. If a student, your student card is required.

Applications are available at the Sportsplex Pool,  Sportsplex Lower Foyer outside the office, South Porcupine Library, Schumacher McIntyre Leisure office, Timmins Public Library, DSSAB, Child and Family Services.

Phone 268-1112

Fax 268-3113

E-Mail: kidsporttimmins@gmail.com

Website: www.kidsporttimmins.com

Downloadable documents: 

 Importance of a Child’s Participation in Sport & Recreation

Letter partnership doc 2017





SPORTS DAY August 30th, 2016 5PM - 9PM Sports plex areana