Sport for Kids Timmins is an incorporated organization that is a registered Charity for children’s poverty in Timmins holding the charitable # 824143721 RR0001.

The Sports for Kids Timmins mandate is to focus on creating conditions that enable and support children and youth to participate in sports, recreation and physical activities. This includes eliminating a range of barriers so kids between 3 and 18 years of age can engage in play, and thus receive all the benefits associated with constructive sport and recreation opportunities.

Sports for Kids Timmins believes that because sport, recreation and physical activity provide documented substantive social, educational and health benefits, they must be accessible to all kids, and that no child/youth should be denied the tremendous associated benefits.

Our mission is to help the youth of Timmins, 3 to 18 years of age, from low income families,  overcome social and economic barriers, which have prevented or limited their participation in sport, recreation and physical activity, through a number of strategies such as issuing direct financial subsidies/grants covering the cost of registration fees and the purchase of equipment. Our mission is to assist in funding Kidsport Timmins applicants.


Our community is one in which sport,  recreation and physical activities are accessible to everyone; involvement is highly valued, sport achievement at all levels is celebrated;  and  no child/youth is denied the benefits and opportunities of participation in the activities and programs of his or her choice. Every young person who has a desire to participate is included.


  Raising funds, gathering resources and building program partners

  Developing Sports for Kids Timmins with a strong sustainable organizational structure

  Partnering with corporate, charitable and community-based organizations and programs

  Identifying and alleviating social and economic barriers in order to positively impact a child/youth’s participation in sport, recreation and physical activities

  Being a strong voice and advocate for sport and recreation in our community

  Promoting the benefits of physical activity and healthy living.

  Raise funds to sponsor child applicants to Kidsport Timmins.

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